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Q: How can I be assured my plans are complete and accurate?

A: Sometimes the simplest thing on the plans is left out. We look over your plans and make sure that they are complete and accurate.

Things Like:
• Correct Address
• Architect Wet-Stamp and Sign Plans With Current Architect Stamp
• Correct Lot Block and Zone On Cover Sheet
• All Principle People Such As Architect and Engineers Are Listed On Plans
• All Relative Building Codes and What Year Codes Are Being Followed Plus Much, Much More

Q: How many sets of plans do I need?

A: By filling out the questionnaire we can tell you how many sets of plans you will need for plan submission.

Q: What do I do when my plans have been changed per the city's request?

A: Send your plans back to us, and we will make an appointment with the city plan checker for plan approval.

Q: How many sets of plans do I need?

A: We always try for approval over the counter. If plans have to be submitted, we will tell you up front the length of time for plan review.

Plans must be complete and accurate. The reason most people get aggravated at the building department is that their plans are incomplete.

Q: What if my plans require a Design Review Board?

A: We will inform you of all time frames before plan submittal as well as any request the city has in regards to your plans.

Q: What if my plans are not approved at time of submittal?

A: We will always send you a copy of the city's request for plan approval.

Q: Why would I hire someone like you when I can do this myself?

A: Our company is merely a time management tool. Our experts are quite skilled in dealing with the city inspectors and in most cases know what questions to ask to get your plans approved, in most cases the same day.